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Introducing Pura Stainless!

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Dear Friends, we are THRILLED to announce The Rope Swing now carries Pura Stainless. We are always on a mission to offer the safest, non-toxic, top-of-the line products for your families, and it is with this intention we have added Pura to our selection.

Why Pura? Because Pura Kiki is the ONLY 100% plastic-free bottle on the market. While many manufacturers now offer BPA-Free plastic, ALL plastics leach chemicals which have been linked to a wide variety of health issues. Pura, on the other hand, is made of safe, food-grade stainless steel and premium silicone. 

In addition to being the safest bottle on the planet, Pura Kiki also distinguishes itself by its adaptability. As your child grows, Pura Kiki can grow with them. All Pura bottles are compatible with all of their silicone lid components, so your child can graduate from the nipple, to the toddler sippy spout, then straw and finally the silicone sealing disk, making this bottle both the most economical choice as well as an ecologically-friendly one. "One Life...One Bottle".

Winner of an unprecedented 21 industry and business awards, we hope you'll love Pura Stainless as much as we do.